Friday, October 14, 2005

The Journey Begins

Greetings All!

This is my first venture into "Blogging" on the Internet. I hope to post reflections about this adventure that I call life.

Brief introduction... I am pastor of a Primitive Baptist Church, husband, father of 2 (soon to be 3), educator, and student. I believe this site to be an excellent medium to reflect on my activities, thoughts, meditiaions, etc. on all the subjects written above. I hope all will be honourable to God and conducted in such a way to magnify His name and truth. I hope you enjoy the ride. Buckle up, locate the nearest flotation device and hold on :-)

I awoke this morning with this thought:

God knows all of our thoughts and imaginations, yet he still loves us! If we could read each other's mind, would we be as forgiving or overlook one another's evil thoughts? Thankfully we are not mind-readers. God knows everything we think and has mercy on us! God help us to love one another despite differences and be quick to forgive when one crosses us. Let us manifest the mercy to another that God shows us! (see: Psalms 103:8,14)